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Alserkal Advisory

Alserkal Advisory is an unconventional arts and culture consultancy. With our roots deeply embedded in the global arts and cultural ecology, we speak the dual language of the consultant and conceptual artist, enabling us to bridge distinct perspectives with unconventional solutions.

As a team of strategic thinkers, researchers, and specialists in diverse fields from multiple geographies, we help our partners and clients to incite imagination and craft experimental ideas.

Through years of development, we have established fundamental connections with a multidisciplinary network of thought-provoking practitioners and global institutions that adds unprecedented value and creativity to the way we work. There is no better display of this than the Global Co-commission.

Much of the process of public art commissioning operates largely outside of imperatives to counteract the current climate emergency. This project was conceived as a way to address this issue, investigating ways of commissioning site-specific public art in an era of escalating climate crisis.


Collaborating integrally with the Global Cultural Districts Network (GCDN), the public art commissions are based across three cultural districts to share knowledge and resources, amplify other’s efforts, and speak with a collective voice to address the pressing issues of our time.

Working with UAP (Urban Art Projects), Alserkal Advisory seeks to develop a new accountable framework for future commissioning, piloting quantitative appraisals on the carbon footprint of each commission and its qualitative social impact.